Volume 1 Synopsis

The seventh era is the era of man and magic. Every man, woman, and child is born with powers over the arcane. Magic mingles with technology, a part of everyday life. Ruling over the many kingdoms of the world are families of powerful magi— the great noble and royal houses. But even lords and kings bow to a greater power. Ruling over this world are the Reapers— ageless beings of ice and fire, light and darkness— forces of nature molded into human form.

Two years ago, a Reaper emerged from the skies, killing a division of young magi from the Kingdom of Kria. The attack was unprovoked and seemingly without purpose or reason, spurred from the ramblings of a mad god. Out of more than one thousand magi, only two survived. They are Chaos Maxwell, a boy enamored by the ideals of heroism, and Nikita Takahashi, a lady in heart but a soldier in action. Heirs to ancient, powerful houses, the two young magi swear vengeance against the Reapers— to silence the ghosts of the friends they’ve lost.


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